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Foam Party

Foam Party

    • Dimensions: 10’H / 10’W / 10'L
    • Cover Type: 1
    • Age Group: 2+

    • Base Price - 2 Hours  $260.00
      Each Hour After  $75
      *Holiday Pricing May Vary

    • $260.00
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Immerse yourself in a world of frothy fun with our Foam Party package, starting at just $260! Experience two hours of bubbly bliss with our high-powered foam machine that puts off clouds of soft, allergy-free foam. Ideal for kids’ parties, family reunions, or any gathering looking to add a splash of excitement, the base package ensures a whirlwind of giggles and memories. Want to keep the foam-tastic fun going? Extend the joy with additional hours of foam solution at only $75 per hour. Get ready to jump into a unique, delightful experience that guests of all ages will adore.  All you will need is a water source, a hose to reach where you wish to place the foam and 1 power outlets.  

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